BIO Surface is an innovative Sofisport system.
An artificial carpet which responds to all the modern requirements
of professional football and all other sport.


artificial turf

  • Polyethylene wire with 410 micron, reinforced with a special section.
  • Drawing of the filament helix with return memory effect.
  • Wire height 62 mm to guarantee durability.
  • RCT Primary Fabric and thread with fully recyclable polyethylene at the end of the turf life.
  • High drainability of the system, more than 360 mm/h.
  • Satin wire for temporary markings with erasable/washable paint, easily removable.


artificial turf

  • Easy to install with use of special bi and mono component glues, respecting the environment according to UNI EN ISO 14001.
  • Use of infill with 100% natural product of renewable vegetable origin.
  • Installation with rain water recovery or irrigation system.
  • 5-year warranty on installation defects.