bioground 1

Bio Ground

The most innovative 2nd generation 100% natural performance infill patented worldwide by Sofisport, and 100% made in Italy. Bio Ground is the result of continuous research and development of natural infills.

biosand 1

Bio Sand

Exclusive and patented 100% natural stabilisation infill, specifically desigend for replacing the stabilisation layer, usually silica sand, in artificial turfs and hybrid turfs.

biocork 1

Bio Cork

100% natural infill, created with a selected mix of cork and materials from the secondary processing of food products.

four seasons

Four Seasons

Special treatment designed for all organic infills, created with patented products of 100% natural origin. Anti-freeze, anti-combustion and water-repellent.
It allows the usage of 100% natural performance infill in areas with severe climates conditions, solving the freezing problems in the coldest areas or the tendencies to becoming dusty in very dry areas.

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