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Sofisport is a company specializing in the production,installation and maintenance of artificial turf and natural reinforced grass products with the latest technology.


Italian Technology

Research, development and innovations are the pillars of our company, they always been in the DNA of our company and they are even more important nowadays in a highly competitive market.


Italian Design

Deep knowledge of the sector, combined with many years of experience, ensures the creation of excellent product and systems. We specifically selected a great industrial partner and the best materials in order to provide always the best solutions for our customers.



Sofisport makes artificial grass fields of different dimensions 5, 7 and 11 a-side as well as fields for different sports like rugby, American football, tennis and padel. All the installations are made with top quality products, durable and environmentally friendly especially thanks to the infills of the latest generation.



Our company offers 360-degree highly qualified support: project designing, economic evaluation and business plans, all kind paper works before, during and after the completion of the project.


Guaranteed Product

Experience, technology and innovation at the service of sport.


Guaranteed Solutions

Thanks to our expertise and many international patents, an innovative production technology and an accurate quality control, we are proud to certify every project we made.


Guaranteed Maintenance Program

The network of partners spread across the territory, enables our company to perform maintenance services in order to maintain and preserve your field at perfection.



A company culture centred around a constant activity of research and experimentation, of design and planning that has led Sofisport to strengthen its know-how since 2004 becoming reference point for the artificial grass sector in Italy.

A vision oriented to the future, thanks to a constant investment, research and development in new technologies we are able to offer top quality products, environmentally friendly as well as providing high performance.

Innovation and R&D are key pillars of Sofisport’s competitive advantage in an ever-changing market.

The 100% natural plant based performance infill, the 100% natural stabilisation infill and the natural reinforced grass Football Green Live (Field num.2 of the Federal Technical Centre of Coverciano is one of our installation with FG-Live), are just some of outcomes of great intuitions and expertise of Sofisport’s team.

A highly professional management with deep know-how, allow Sofisport to develop key systems for the market and provide the best solutions for the customers.

Following its vision, Sofisport decided to partnering with Hatko Sport, Turkish industry, specialised in the production of artificial turfs on a global scale, one of the 10 biggest tufeters of artificial turf in the world, in order to bring the developments of its products and technologies to an all new level.

Shared visions and great industrial efficiency are the foundations of this international partnership.

So, here it is another chapter of our history… to be continued with you.



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